GEN 27:3



by: David

DO your hear gobbling when you close your eyes?

Do turkeys taunt you before and after season?

Do you want that longbeard hanging off the living room wall?

Then buy

Its not a fever
its a virus



As a wildlife photographer/videographer I have spent alot of time in the outdoors with my father learning how to take pictures of the amazing animals that we pursue. In doing this I become more familiar with my quarry. To be a good hunter one must know his prey. The best part of shooting any game with a camera is the fact that the critter will live another day to be caught on film again. I truly love every minute I spend in the outdoors, there is no other way of life for me.
To effectivly kill a turkey one must sound like a turkey. In order to sound like a turkey your gonna need one of the best game calls on the market. Weve taken our turkey hunting to the next level by building custom quality calls that will stand up and reach that longbeards ears every time you play it. We also garuntee customer satisfaction, if your not happy with your call send it back and we will replace it free of charge.

Custom game calls made in Maine

As an avid turkey hunter I have learned that realism and consistency is essential to success in the field.  By making my own calls I am able to achieve calls that perform reliably in any given situation, and am now offering them to hunters who desire the best call available. 

Talk the talk that makes em flop!

The best place to buy turkey calls!

Sometimes you just gotta go after them and hunt them hard. Birds get wise quick, constantly change your setup. Pattern your shotgun at more than one distance, the more you know about the shells your shooting the better. Turkeys will not go where they do not want to be. Scout your hunting areas. Watch out for ticks, some carry diseases. Maines tick population has increased considerably in the last ten years and you should carry permethrin to keep them away. Most important. Dont give up. Ever!

Ghost Biddy

the cure

trip nasty

suzie q

lil mama


super sexy

  super sexy 2.0

  1. Ghost Biddy
    Double reed call with a ghost style cut. this call is great for young yelps an cuts as well as purrs and key-keys
  2. The Cure
    Have you been infected by a gobbler, he eats at your brain, turns you into a walking zombie, cant sleep or eat without him on your mind. Then buy The Cure. This triple reed combo back notch is the call that does it all, from yelps cuts cackles calks gobbles and purrs.
  3. LiL Mama
    When you dont need extra reeds or fancy cuts this LiL Mama has amazing sound. Double reed with a side cut allows for the true tone of the young hen pour through. This is a call I reccomend for begginers, the double reed and simplicity of the cut allows for easy use of play low air pressure and suprizing volume
  4. Scarface
    This triple reed call was the one that sealed the deal for me during the 2015 hunting season in maine. Three reeds stretched to perfection with a combo cut and side relief offering the most realistic boss hen I have ever heard.
  5. Trip Nasty
    This triple reed batwing offers it all. You can change the tone from raspy or not, awesome for clucks cuts cackles putts yelps purrs and calking
  6. Super Sexy
    The super sexy is a triple reed v-cut that offers the mature sound of an old hen. Great for assembly calls yelps cackles cutts calks
  7. Suzie Q
    This little baby has everything you need in a turkey call. With a tension set for low air pressure this makes for ease of use for even the greenest of beginners and the side relief allows for awesome purrs clucks cutts yelps and key-keys
  8. Super Sexy 2.0
    This triple reed v-cut it just like its predecessor but with an even deeper voice. simulating that of an old boss hen or even a young gobbler.
  9. The Walking Tom
    This call is designed to replicate the yelps of a gobbler or jake, you can calk gobble and yelp with this call.
  10. The Infectious Hen
    This turkey calls realism is so infectious to a gobblers ear it will lure him to his death. Great all around call